Persuasive Essay On Voting Population

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Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

As a democracy, the United States relies on the people to make the decisions upon which the government runs and operates. This requires the people to go out of their way and spend a portion of their day to vote. Now, a significant trend his arisen where the United States youth are voting less than their elders. The current voter registration age is eighteen, a time of turmoil in many of these young people’s lives, which raises the question as to whether the age restriction is the cause of this trend.
In 1972 the voter registration age was lowered from twenty-one to eighteen. This is when the organization known as CIRCLE began to record patterns being formed in the voting community. From 1972 to 2000, they were able to determine a multitude of trends ranging from singles vote more than people who are married and the white demographic votes more than any other race. Their research also shows that education plays a role in voting. The more educated a group of people are the better the turnout (Circle). One can assume that the more educated a person is the more involved that person will be with politics. More highly educated people tend to surround themselves with other intellectuals with whom they can discuss these or they can simply read the news.
Politicians are not interested in the youth because

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