Persuasive Essay On Wind Power

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Do you ever sit and ponder what the phrase keeping the lights on means to you? If this question has never crossed your mind it should. Behind every wall, outlet or light switch there is a dedicated workforce behind it that power the lives of many Americans from Electric Companies to Power Plants producing the electricity.
We as American’s today do not understand and take for granted having electricity. Many of us think we do not care where my electricity comes from as long as we have it. You receive your electrical bill each month, pay it and go on with your day-to-day life. The media and news sources talk about Solar and Wind power will take away all of our pollution and the world will be much better off and cleaner. Have you ever stopped and thought the price that you would be paying if coal fired generation did not exist at all? It is a lot more expensive more than double the cost that you pay today. In rural Missouri the wind does not blow each day, the sun does not shine every day. How could we produce enough power off wind and solar alone? It would be impossible, therefore limiting us on when we could cool our homes, keep the lights on, charge our phones and this list goes on.
During the Obama administration, enemy forces battered the fossil fuel that powered most of the country. The Sierra Club and EPA became more powerful and took to cleaner air, water, and climate. They tried to impose stringent regulations on coal power making it uneconomical in the

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