Persuasive Essay On Winning In Business

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Winning in business requires a very specific set of skills that entrepreneurs can learn and develop over time. However, figuring out the ins and outs of running a business, whether online or off, can be expensive and frustrating. Fortunately, we had an opportunity to talk to business coach and former fighter pilot Chuck Gumbert ( about his techniques that help businesses win.

Homepage of Chuck Gumbert. Chuck is a business performance coach and turnaround specialist.
Chuck Gumbert is a former military fighter pilot. To be in that position requires discipline, focus, and savvy. He has taken the techniques the military taught him so he could be a successful fight pilot and parlayed them into tips to run a thriving business. Chuck agreed to chat with WHSR about how businesses can change their thinking to that of a fighter pilot and overcome various obstacles standing in the way of success.

About Chuck Gumbert

Chuck Gumbert
Chuck Gumbert is a former F-14 Tomcat pilot. Chuck is no stranger to adversity, yet he's overcome everything life threw at him and excelled. When he was two years old, he contracted polio, which can be a crippling disease. However, he was able to eventually overcome the effects and go on to participate in high school sports. Eventually, he became a fighter pilot in the United States Navy, even managing to graduate at the top of his class.

Over the years, Chuck has set goals and accomplished them, such as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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