Persuasive Essay On Women's Rights

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Land of the Free Civil liberty is defined as freedom of action and speech. America's vision is about giving all citizens civil liberties, but not everyone acquired their freedoms at first. Through time though, American citizens slowly obtained their rights and freedoms. Civil liberty complications of the American past have been resolved because genders have the same have the same freedoms, citizens, of all races, have equal entitlements, and citizens of all social classes have the same rights.
Half of America is made up of women yet they used to be insufficient compared to the freedoms that american women have today. A picture taken in November of 2016 shows Susan B. Anthony's grave adorned with I voted stickers (source D). The photographer used the rhetorical device pathos. The picture appeals to people’s emotions because it’s of a woman’s grave who advocated for women's rights, and it showed citizens who were paying their respects to her by putting the stickers on her grave. This broadcasted that they voted for a woman to run for office, showing just how many rights women have gained. Women went from having no rights, to being able to vote, to even being able to run for office. In a speech given By Susan B. Anthony she asks "Are women persons?” (Source E). She is using ethos to appeal to someone’s ethics because she is asking a fundamental question that if someone said no to, it would be unethical. She is trying to make a point saying no one has any right to say that

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