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On February 9, 2007, Chris Williams’s life changed forever. As Williams was driving home with his wife and three youngest kids, a car “moving at an unbelievably high speed” T-boned their car “with a force so violent and tremendous that the impact stopped [their] car from going downhill and pushed it back uphill.” In an instant, two of his children, his wife, and their unborn child were killed in the horrific accident. In his own words, “I was ready for death. I tried to will myself to pass out; I wanted to succumb to the process of having my spirit leave my body. From deep inside my body came a sound of excruciating anguish and pain, of body and spirit being crushed.” However, Williams simply faced the overturned car that had crashed into his and chose to “let it go” (“Just Let Go”). Within moments of the accident, he forgave the drunk driver that had killed the majority of his family. Although this is an extreme example, I believe offering forgiveness to those who have wronged me is an important principle in my life. Forgiveness relieves me of holding grudges, seeking revenge, and despising those who use me. First of all, I learned an early lesson about retaining animosity about six years ago, when I played Junior Jazz basketball. I remember there being an exceptionally tall, athletic, skilled player named Gunther (name has been changed to protect the innocent), who in my mind was a distinct ball hog. Consequently, I loathed Gunther for not passing to his teammates and

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