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Every summer since I can remember my family and I have spent part of our summer break camping at our favorite place in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in California. Clarks Fork is an old road with three campgrounds, one being called Clarks Fork. It’s where I have made endless memories with family and friends. It's where my best friend and I have grown up each summer. The first thing that is noticeable in (we will see when we look at) this picture is the two young girls, smiling big. Those two young girls in the picture are my sister and I. The one on the left with the long black hair, in two braids is my not so little, younger sister, and I am the blonde (one) on the right. This picture shows so much more than (you) anyone could ever guess. I have grown up at Clarks Fork. My sister and I have gone on endless hikes and fishing trips. We are fortunate we were able to grow up running around, for weeks at a time in such a beautiful place. Right over my right shoulder is an amazing sight of a stunningly beautiful green pasture with gorgeous white daisies and yellow daisies, that are just radiant against the green of the pasture and the blue sky of a beautiful day. We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day, we had expected a horrendous rain storm that weekend. This green pasture below the mountain and the tree line, is known as the end of the road meadow to us. It is where most of the time we would (you would) find horses roaming around. Also a great fishing hole is located

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