Persuasive Essay : The Negative Effects Of Gentrification : Causes And Crimes

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Felicia Anane
English Composition 1
Persuasive Essay
12 October 2017

Effects of Gentrification
Dear Editor:

Some people attracted to living a long time in their communities. As a youth, I’m scared to see one day our cities will be full of homeless people, armed robbers, jobless citizen etc. All this is in the name of gentrification. Gentrification is the way of renovating and improving property values but often displacing low-income families and small business. After the renovation, some people thought that the wealthy people will come and occupy the districts. So the low-income people decided to fight for their community. Nowadays, people who live in their communities for a longer period of time find an interest of staying …show more content…

This helps to reduce crime in the renovated area. There is a reduction in the growth of violence like armed robbery, gun violence, and gang operations in this area because of safety measures like police patrol and security implemented in these communities. Since resident spends a huge amount of money and resources into new housing, the management is forced to provide enough security for its tenants in order for them to feel safe neighborhood that I move to. Due to the huge sum of money I paid for the house in that neighborhood, I felt secure living in such a neighborhood because the police constantly patrolled around the neighborhood ensuring that everyone was protected and felt safe at all times. Furthermore, gentrification causes homelessness in several communities. When neighborhood undergoes renovation and improvement, various homes and business are lost. The renovation system tears down houses and apartments. The new facilities built are too expensive for previous tenants to continue living in them. The poor and middle-class living in this neighborhood lose their homes and jobs leaving them homeless. These individual ends up on the streets with nowhere to go due to the wealthy class taking over their communities. Another reason why these individuals end up on the street is due to high property taxes placed on them by the gentrification of their communities. The individual cannot afford to pay

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