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Everybody has learned a lesson at one point in their lives. Whether it is from something that they did, or something that someone else did. They learned a lesson. A common time that this happens could be in your teens, or nearing the end of your life. Sometimes to think about others, you have to hit rock bottom first, before you realize that you are not okay. In all three of the stories we read, the theme of regret was shown. The stories analyzed this theme by introducing the idea of being conceded in the beginning and dissatisfied in the end. Before Tessie Hutchinson won the lottery, she was playful and excited. But, as we observed in this story, she was only thinking about herself and not about anyone else. “Mrs. Hutchinson said, …show more content…

213) Neddy faced a situation where everyone was judging him and he was debating if he should go back and give up because he never signed anything saying he needed to complete this journey. “He shouted, pounded on the door, tried to force it with his shoulder, and then, looking in at the windows, saw that the place was empty.” (Pg. 217) Neddy had come to a point in his life where he realized he had failed. He lost his wife, his daughters, his house, his cars, and pretty much everything he owned, because he had only cared about himself, and no one around him. Everything Neddy had done leading up to this all collected in one and he finally hit rock bottom. The story The Swimmer foreshadows this in describing the declined invitations, and how long in between each “pool”. The narrator in greasy lake only took his needs and feelings into consideration when he made his decisions. Everybody else could have been affected by his actions, but he only seemed to care if it affected him. “That’s his bike over there - Al’s. You seen him?” “I didn’t know what to say.” “Digby poked me in the ribs. “We haven’t seen anybody,” I said.” (Pg. 176) The narrator was too scared to tell the truth and say he had seen his dead body. He was anxious because if he admitted that he saw the body, then that would get him in trouble so instead he

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