Persuasive Organ Donation

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Around the world there are millions of people, who suffer from kidney disease. However, globally there were 64,606 kidney-transplant operations in 2007. Donating Donating organs is one of the biggest problems around the world people need the donation of the organs, people who are dying at the hospital depend on it. Not everyone is able to afford a donation, they are really expensive, that's unfair in the sense that because someone has more money than some else they should be more important than someone else. The waiting list for a organ donor is also really bad, people have to wait years for a donation, because of how the list is people died like it said in the article that out of 64,606 people need it a transplant only 16,500 receive one. To begin, in my opinion everyone should be able to receive a donation, and everyone should allow …show more content…

We sometimes are able to donate things while we still alive and a lot of people do it for someone who they love, but it would help a lot of people are willing to do it for everyone. This is not really a debate because is normal that humans don't want to donate a part of their body, there is a lot of side effects to donating something if you still alive, that's is why people rarely donate organ if they are alive. Futhermore, routine removal means that the state of society have the right to access to the organs of deceased individuals. Meaning that if the states sees that the donor is death they can take the organ that they need, without consent from a family member. People are able to opt out of a routine removal, but o do that they have to take various considerations. Opting out of a donation should not be allowed, it should not be an option for the simple fact that is going to help someone, if your family member is not alive no more why wouldn't you allow doctors to use a working organ in the body to save someone's

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