Persuasive Papers On Concussions

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Concussions are a major injury to athletes in today's sports. Many athletes keep playing through injury or they end coming back too early and end making their injury worst. There's a difference from being tough and just being dumb. Although in some cases athletes can come back early I believe that they should stop playing until fully healthy after a concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can be caused by any blows to the head or anything that make the brain jolt. Concussions can be very dangerous as it leaves a chance of you to have long lasting problems with speaking, movement and learning. If you continue to put your brain in danger then the concussion can be very severe. According to Topic View in Returning to Play After a Head Injury “During a Sporting Event Anyone who has a head injury during a sporting event needs to immediately stop all activity and not return to play that day. Being active again before the brain returns to normal functioning increases the person's risk of having a more serious brain injury”(TP 1). Jahvid best was a football player that had some excellent years in college football. His college career was cut short thanks to a hurdling touchdown which case him to land on his neck and head giving him a concussion to end his college years of playing. He ended up going to the NFL but that was also cut short because of concussions. Best had only played two games and ended up getting a concussion. According to Sam Liard Best said
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