Persuasive Speech : Affirmative Action

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Title: Affirmative Action
Topic: The idea I want to talk about is the purpose of Affirmative Action in America, who it represents, and how it affects them.
Purpose Statement: My speech will inform the audience about the objectives of affirmative action and how it benefits them.
Audience Analysis:
A. Demographics: My audience will consist of males and females who are young adults that attend Michigan State University. Also, my audience will consist of many ethnicities and nationalities. My speech will be affected by the audience demographics because I will be discussing a topic that has to do with a history the audience did not experience and will not be able to relate to as easily. Since my demographics are different than the demographics of my audience I will deliver this speech in hopes that it will expand the audiences knowledge and understanding about why affirmative action is still used today.
B. Psychographics: The members of my audience will be university students and therefore have some basic college education. Since they are college students, they have some education on the history of America, but not all of them are aware of how Affirmative Action has come about in America’s history. This factor will affect my speech because I will explain the purpose Affirmative Action and how it has expanded to benefit their demographic.
C. Verbal Considerations: When it comes to my verbal considerations of my speech, I will deliver my speech using formal words that are simple…

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