Persuasive Speech : Dog Fighting Is More Than What It Is A Dog Fight?

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Who in their right mind would want to see someone being killed by electrocution? Or witness a gunshot to the head? An innocent person being drowned against their will? Or even being strangled to death? One minute they’re there, next minute they’re not. Nobody wants to be doused in poison before getting ripped apart limb by limb. Or to walk into a basement and to see the walls drenched in blood; knowing it is their loved ones. You wouldn’t do this to a human. So why is it being done to dogs?

What comes to mind when you think of the term Dog Fighting? The definition states it’s a competition in which 2 dogs are specifically bred, conditionals, and trained to fight. But I assure you that this gruesome blood sport is much more than what it is being perceived. Much deadlier. I want to know what is going through the minds of the 1,000 people in New Zealand alone that participate in this inhumane murdering competition. The same people that kill over 16,000 dogs every year, for “fun”. Because these days playing a game a fetch with your puppy doesn’t count as fun anymore.

Dog fights usually last until one dog wins, or in other words; the other dies. Fights can easily last an hour, and if you go to watch, you’ll find a pile of corpses in a pit full of blood. Those lifeless bodies that were minuets ago being attacked by another dog, for the entertainment purposes of the crowd. No sympathy is given by the bitter people that toss the remains of the killed dogs into a pile and hose down

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