Dangerous Dogs Persuasive Speech

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Dangerous Dogs! Ladies and Gentlemen of the Denver City Council, today I would like to talk to you about the city of Denver enforcing a dangerous dog law instead of breed specific legislation, because the enforcement of breed specific legislation is not the solution to dangerous dogs in the community. I plan on showing how Denver could change their law to make a difference to the quality of dogs living in this great city. We have laws and ordinances in place to protect our animals from being treated cruelly by people, they keep owners from starving their animals, beating them, or just mistreating them, but then those same laws tell us that your city is allowed to euthanize (humane destruction) these same animals because of where they…show more content…
Why does Denver think that discriminating against specific breeds of dogs is any better? Singling out these specific breeds of dogs does not prevent the wrong people from owning them regardless of the law. If you look at both of the shelters in Denver, the Denver Dumb Friends League and the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter, there are still “Pit Bulls” being picked up as strays running the streets, and “Pit Bulls” being removed from their homes because their owners would not comply with the statute, obviously something is not working! There are rules about gun control and who can own them and who cannot, but that does not prevent lawbreakers from having a gun, why would we believe that telling these same people they cannot own a dangerous breed of dog is really not going prevent them from owning one. When you tell someone they are not allowed to have a beloved member of their family they end up breaking the laws and hiding their dog, this causes their dog to become unsocial and yes even possibly aggressive. The government has rules in place so that responsible gun owners can register and comply with the rules placed for their protection, why are dog owners not given the same rights as other citizens of Denver? Breed Specific Legislation is unfair and unjust to all dog lovers
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