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The scraping of teeth isn't the most appealing noise or feeling to most people, but then again, most people don’t genuinely enjoy their semi-annual trip to the dentist like I do. Don’t get me wrong, i'm not infatuated with the idea of a sickle probe grazing my teeth, but the idea of having a mouth full of pearly whites makes up for it. Unlike most kids, I never had a dream career like being a firefighter or an actress. I always just assumed it was something I could figure out at the end of my high school career, so imagine my surprise when I found a crystal clear idea earlier than I thought I would.
I walked into what I thought was a routine checkup, but I left realizing it was much more. I sat in the fairly comfortable, plastic wrapped chair like always, and patiently waited while the nurses examined my mouth. As always, after the women had finished their jobs, they called the doctor over to view how my teeth were responding to my newly tightened wires, but what happened next wasn't what I was used to at all. Instead of getting the usual “If only you would double up on rubber bands, then you would find your braces off much sooner than expected”speil. This time I got to hear a completely new speech. “Congratulations, your braces are coming off today!” For four long years, and I mean long years, I had been waiting to hear those words and they sounded just as sweet as I had imagined. I couldn’t contain my excitement! I grew more and more impatient waiting for the doctor to

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