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Set the alarm for 8:37 precisely. That leaves just enough time to throw on some clothes before you run out the door to go to school. If you go to bed right now, you can sleep for four hours and fifteen minutes. Four hours and ten minutes. Four hours and two minutes. Stop looking at the clock before it guilts you into quitting for the night. Wake up at the sound of your alarm and regret the decision to give up sleep. Pray that there won’t be traffic, but don’t count on being so lucky. Grab a cup of coffee in a vain attempt to rub the last remnants of sleep from your eyes. Walk into your first class (physics), late (again), bracing yourself for the incoming paper clip about to hit your face. Throw the paperclip back to your teacher along with a half-sincere apology as you make your way to your seat. Today is supposed to be a homework day, but you know most of the class will waste this precious time. While your classmates (calling them friends would be inappropriate) discuss their weekends and become targets of their own paperclips, stare at the screen of your laptop and use the sound of your fingers pounding at the keys to drown out their voices. When midterm grades come out, hide your report card from your physics lab group. They know what you’re aiming for, but they also know how unlikely it is that you’ll get it. If they ask to see it, pretend it’s lost in the labyrinth of papers in your backpack. That’s close enough to the truth, but not so close as to ease their

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