Persuasive Speech On Photography

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Family and friends are wonderful, but more than likely they just shore up our self-esteem when it comes to photography feedback. When it comes to our photography, their opinion shouldn’t count. We can't go by what well meaning friends say. We really cannot. And we shouldn’t waste any of our time listening to them. Unless of course they are accomplished photographers in their own right, then we should listen to these family and friends.
Would we take advice about happiness from a miserable person, diet advice from an overweight person? How about marriage advice from a multi-time divorced or perpetually single person? Perhaps fitness advice from a lifetime couch potato? Would we, should we?
Average people give average advice.
This is a simple fact of life.
It is more than likely that our photos are bland, boring and mundane, and just the fact we got the subject in focus, showing a lack of motion blur or camera shake and within the frame better then our friends and family can do is probably why they remark they are good.
And since they care about our feelings and don’t want to jeopardize the relationship they have with us, they heap praise upon us for our efforts, quite possibly totally unaware of the harm it may be doing to our future photographic efforts.
Now, lets take a moment and answer this question as honestly as possible.
When we start showing our non railfan friends our railroad photos, do they kind of just tune out and nod incessantly hoping that we soon get to

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