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Once a year, a day in August is reserved for bees. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that there is a day for well, everything. Saying that, we shouldn’t dismiss ‘Save the Bee’ day without giving it another thought. The true is that these tiny creatures are in danger. This should matter to us because of the immense impact they have in our life. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to find out more about the value of bees, the danger they are in and how you can contribute to saving them!
Why are bees so great?
Bees. They are small, noisy creatures that travel in colonies. If headlines are to be believed, the Australian varieties are more dangerous than snakes! So, why do we want to save them? To put it simply, bees play an immense role in ensuring our plants grow. Kind of like oxygen, but nosier.
The United Nations reports that approximately 70% of the world’s crops, valued at close to $US200 billion, are dependent on bee …show more content…

A parasitic mite by the name Varroa Mite has played an immense role in the death of our tiny friends. In the 1980’s, it was detected in America and led to the plenty of bee deaths. Australia has yet to feel its effects, though the parasite has been detected in North Queensland; pushing the government to begin an eradication program before this dangerous mite gets loose!
What’s being done to save the bees?
All over the world there are efforts to save the bees.
- The US is working to phase out all GMOs and pesticides, associated with killing bees.
- Greenpeace and Avaaz have collected signatures to raise awareness for the bees plight.
- The NewYork City Beekeeping Organization and TakePart are working to promote the need for beekeeping.
- ABF and Beeraw are focused on sustainable methods for beekeeping.
How we can save the bees
We listed a few of the global efforts taking place to save bees, but there is plenty that you can do to

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