Persuasive Speech On Skin Cancer

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“Exposure to tanning beds before the age of 30 increases melanoma risk by 75 percent.” This is a quote on an advertisement in Allure magazine. Tanning beds cause skin to age prematurely. It causes the skin to lose its elasticity and increases skin cancer. Tans are caused by harmful UV radiation from the sun or tanning lamps, and those who have one, have sustained skin cell damage. A person with a hereditary risk of melanoma has a greatly increased risk of developing melanoma during his or her lifetime. There is also an increased risk of pancreatic cancer in families with familial melanoma, but that is rare. Neutrogena published this ad in Allure magazine, July 2015. Their intentions to persuade on the damages of tanning beds and presenting their products to reverse damage previously done were effective. Neutrogena uses Hayden Panettiere, a well-known actress, for the face of their advertisement. It is a very up close image of her face with an all white background. It shows her skin having a soft glow and looking healthy. Her eyes are shining and she appears to be happy. She is wearing a white tank top, making her skin glow brighter. Her hair is softly flowing and golden. Hayden’s skin looks completely flawless. Seeing as how all girls long for flawless looking skin, the publishers did a wonderful job of picking the perfect face for their advertisement. In big, bold letters, it says, “Hayden Panettiere’s idea of perfect skin? Skin that’s never seen a tanning bed.” In
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