Persuasive Speech On Social Media Essay

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Purpose: To persuade my audience to minimize their phone usage. Thesis: Stay in the present moment, don’t let yourself believe you’re going to forget a memory because you didn’t document it through social media. Claim: Policy Organizational Pattern: Problem-Solution I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Four Years of your life is wasted to what’s sitting inside all of your pockets right now; your cellphone. The average person spends roughly 90 minutes a day playing on their phone, whether it’s checking emails, Snapchatting or scrolling through your Twitter feed. According to The we unlock our phones at least 110 times per day! We’ve become almost dependent on these devices over time, and it needs to stop. We rely on our phones everyday to wake us up for school and to know the time of day. B. Relevance: We live in a world of ever changing technology. Products are always getting upgraded every year and everyone wants the biggest and newest thing on the market. It’s hard to not get caught up in all the buzz of things. We feel almost “naked” without our phones; our attachment to them is overwhelming. Without them we feel as though we’re missing out on what’s happening in the world. Our heads are always down; our thumbs are always swiping up and down on our newsfeed. We’re living a life that is more involved in someone else’s social media accounts than our own. C. Credibility: As a student at this university I’ve realized every person on the quad has their heads

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