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The short speech written by William Safire is very effective in achieving its purpose. This article in not insipid, it captures the audience and allows them to feel the emotions of the people.“Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin...know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice.” Safire mentions the sacrifice those two men made and honors them for what they did for mankind. Not only are they credited for their accomplishments, but also honored and mourned. “...these men were the first[on the moon], and they will remain the foremost in our hearts.” These two astronauts started the space missions and they will forever be remembered for the world they opened. This speech is very effective in honoring, mourning, and congratulating the two astronauts who changed history.
In the article “ The July 16, 1969, Launch; A Symbol of Man’s Greatness” by Ayn Rand the purpose was to praise man for his achievements and give a descriptive visual, to the reader, of what the launch looked like. “[The launch] began with a large patch of bright, yellow-orange flame shooting sideways from under the base of the rocket.” Descriptive words are used all throughout the essay to give the reader a visual of the event. After Rand describes the event she explains man’s greatness in performing the launch. “ ...we had seen a demonstration of man at
Stelzer 7 his best, no one could doubt--this was the cause of the event’s attraction and...we had seen an achievement of man in his capacity as a ration

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