Persuasive Tactics in Marketing Essay

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Table of Contents page <ol> <li value="1">0 Explanation of the two tactics 2 <li value="2">0 The effectiveness of social proof 2 <li value="2">1 Circumstances when effective 3 <li value="2">2 Circumstances when ineffective 4 <li value="2">3 Persuadee when effective 4 <li value="2">4 Persuadee when ineffective 5 <li value="2">5 Persuader when effective 5 <li value="2">6 Persuader when ineffective 6 <li value="2">7 Conclusion of Social Proof 7 <li value="3">0 The effectiveness of scarcity 7 <li value="3">1 Circumstances when effective 7 <li value="3">2 Circumstances when ineffective 8 <li value="3">3 Persuadee when effective…show more content…
Opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited. (James, 2000) 2.0 The effectiveness of social proof The fact that others engage in a particular behavior constitutes a kind of "social proof" that it is OK or appropriate <ol> <li value="1"> The principle of social proof says: "the greater the number of people who do something, the greater the proof that it is correct." <li value="2"> There is a reciprocal dimension to this: if I do something and others follow me, it must be all right. <li value="3"> In the face of uncertainty, we invoke the principle: "convince and you shall be convinced" (Hadden, 2003) </ol> Social proof belongs to a psychological tactic widely used in all fields including psychology, management, education, criminology, human resource management and marketing communication as well. And in each field the social proof has been proved effective so that it is universal now. Especially in MarCom, it is widely and masterly used. But its effectiveness is subject to three factors: circumstances, persuadee and persuader. 2.1 Circumstances when effective The Bio-Young Star newspaper advertisement as shown in Appendix 1, is an ad using social proof. The 50-year-old lady Vivien Lee was chosen from ordinary people but healthy and looks much younger than her age. This ad
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