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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA USA: USA The American Revolution and the war for independence from Britain began with a small fight between British troops and colonists on April 19,1775. The British troops left Boston, Massachusetts, planning to take weapons and ammunition from revolutionary colonists. At Lexington, they met armed colonists who were called Minutemen because they could be ready to fight in a minute. The Minutemenplanned to protest silently and not shoot unless the British shot first .The British ordered the Minutemen to leave. The colonists obeyed, but as they left, someone fired a shot. The British troops attacked the Minutemen with guns and bayonets. The Declaration of Independence told the world …show more content…

(responsible for approximately 12% of all US employment) with over $3.8 trillion in sales annually ($4.2 trillion if food sales are included). Although the vast majority of all retail stores in the U.S. (approximately 90%) are single-store businesses, however these single-store businesses account for substantially less than half of all retail

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