Pet Adoption And Depression ( Cherney )

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Pet Adoption and Depression
Approximately 20.9 million adults in the United States are currently coping with depression or a mood or anxiety disorder, and this number is seemingly on the rise (Mental Disorders In America). It is becoming more and more likely for people in the United States to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety. However, this number only accounts for the number of individuals who choose to seek professional help or medical treatment, because many people are not even aware that they could be depressed. Most of the patients that are being treated are using a variety of different techniques and medicines to enhance their mood. Some of the most popular antidepressant medications that doctors are currently prescribing are
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Simply petting a dog can noticeably lower an individual’s heart rate and blood pressure. Some studies even show that pet owners have slightly lower cholesterol than their peers who do not live with pets (Benjamin). Dogs’ positive influences on their owners’ health goes even deeper yet. Even though it seems absolutely irrational, there is evidence and studies that link dogs with detecting cancer. There are many reports of dog owners who claimed that their canine friends continuously licked or sniffed moles and lumps on their bodies that were found to be cancerous. As impossible as it seems, there is actual scientific evidence that states some dogs can smell cancer in the human body (Benjamin). While cancer is definitely terrible to find, early detection can make all the difference, and having a dog can be that difference. Not only can dogs cause their owners to be more active, but they can also save their lives.
It is no secret that dogs long ago earned their label as “man’s best friend”. It only makes sense, considering that dogs have been owned by humans since ancient times. Pets are obviously great companions for just about anyone. However, for someone suffering from depression, anxiety, or another mood disorder, the companionship of a pet can be the only thing giving them happiness. Dogs are perfect for shy people who still seek

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