Peter Navario Analysis

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The sources the authors use to support their evidence is strong. Both authors are considered experts in their field. Peter Navario is the Executive Director of HealthRight International, which is a global health National Government Organization dedicated to improving the health of populations around the world. Navario is the Director of Global Health Strategy and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Global Health at New York University’s College of Global Public Health (“Peter Navario”). Previously Navario was a Technical Advisor at the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in New York, where he held various collections including the United Nations post-2015 development agenda, the 2011 UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS' High Level Commission on HIV Prevention, and the UN Secretary-General's Global Strategy on Women's and Children's Health (“Peter Navario”). …show more content…

development assistance for HIV/AIDS and other global health initiatives. Navario is on the editorial board of the journal Global Health Governance, and has written on AIDS policy and other global health issues, some of these issues include the Lancet, Nutrition, the Huffington Post,, and Global Health Magazine (“Peter Navario”). Peter Novario is a credible author because he has seen firsthand through his many jobs, the effects on how the number of vaccines available influence a country. Novario is still well known throughout the foreign aid community meaning that Novario has a vested interest in the debate on the importance of vaccines to lesser developed

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