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Quotes* *Official Google+ account for Peter Pan "Pan" *Dark Pan*
"He may look like a boy, but he's not. He's a bloody DEMON."- Enemy
"We can't take him down. He's too POWERFUL. Even trying to take him on would be wishing death,"- Enemy
"Evil people often come with pretty faces." - Unknown
*Names* Peter Pan, Dark Pan, Pan, Pied Piper, God Pan, Fugitive Boy, The Dark Lord, and the Dark one (No longer tied to the dagger) *Skills* Master of archery, Street fighting, Combat, Every other type of combat, karate, Acro, Gym, knows how to use many weapons including using items around him as weapons, Manipulation, strategy, charming and playing games (More)
*Weakness* The Lost Girls and Boys
*Powers* Is The God of magic, power, magical items,

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