Pharmaceutical Industry : The Largest Pharmaceutical Company Essay

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3. Overview:

AstraZeneca is the second largest pharmaceutical company in UK, which has biopharmaceutical business in over 100 countries. In 2015, company’s market capitalization is $70.816 billion, and their net income is US$2.826 billion, with a 4.5% market share of US and a 2.5% market share of Europe, and the number of employees is 61500 (AstraZeneca, 2015). Their main competitors are GlaxoSmithKline & Amgen. The purpose of AstraZeneca is to promote scientific advancements through innovative science and sustainable development to provide life-changing medicines to patients. So, they have a clear vision: to be a global company which focused in core therapy areas (AstraZeneca, 2016). Besides, company’s main organizational structure including: Board, audit committee, remuneration committee, nomination and governance committee, science committee and the senior executive team.

4. Challenges:

Pharmaceutical industry is facing intense competition and enormous challenge in the recent year, mainly due to the threat from generics drugs and competitors enhance ability and adoption of new technology (Taylor, 2015). For AstraZeneca, they face the unprecedented challenge which is how to continually innovate (AstraZeneca, 2015).

5. Transformational Leadership:

Nowadays, transformational leadership theory has been applied to many different industries, such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, service industry and even in education (Covey, 2007). A large number of researchers have

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