Phillip Noyce's The Rabbit-Proof Fence

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Australia is a beautiful yet harsh country, the environment itself is well known for its aroid beauty as well as the tourist attractions like Uluru or the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Australia is one of the many countries that are able to celebrate and advertise being a diverse community, because we are so multicultural it is a factor that brings us closer together as a society. We can see how accepting Australian citizens are through events such as Australia day because everyone of all different races, cultures and nationalities come together to celebrate this one day. To me, being an Australian citizen is all about having the qualities such as loyalty, being unique as well as caring and accepting towards others.

Throughout all pieces of literature, photography / art, songs and novels each
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The characters that the story souly focuses on are Molly Craig, her sister Daisy and her cousin Gracie, we witness all three of these young girls being taken from their family in 1931 and are then later sent to Moore River Native Settlement. Their abduction is justified by “Chief Protector of Aborigines” as a solution to “the problem of half-caste…show more content…
This composer of this film is demonstrating what Australia is through his shots of the wide stretched and far land, the harsh and demanding environments and at the same time it depicts Australian characteristics too – Australian characteristics that this film focuses on is courage, love and faithfulness to each other, these are shown in particular when the children are taken and the mother and grandmother fight to prevent their

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