Philosophy Exercises Reasoning And Logic

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Philosophy exercises reasoning and logic in an attempt to understand the reality and answer fundamental questions concerning knowledge, morality, life and human nature. The ancient Greeks studied and practiced it, coining the term that meant the ‘love of wisdom’. Philosophers tend to answer the question of what is the meaning of life, how and why we know what we know, the existence of God and the meaning of consciousness. Philosophy shapes modern existence because it unlocks the secrets of knowledge acquisition and its use. The questions regarding environmentalism, abortion, capital punishment, end-of-life-care and welfare stem from philosophical questions. The following paper looks at the work of two great philosophers while attempting…show more content…
Free will is the view that refuses any notion that will is completely determined and has the claim that moral judgments are meaningless unless the will is free, and it is a choice of actions. Freedom is not only a possible outcome but a necessary aspect if we are to become fully functional human beings. Socrates held the view that mind and its potentiality to choose a better over a worse allows humans the free will to make free choices between bad and good things (Plato, 2003). It also allows individuals to choose good and bad behavior. Socrates himself was against hard determinism although he does admit obvious aspects such as if he did not possess working limbs, then he would not have the ability to choose between staying in prison and running away. One must not be hindered by any circumstance to enjoy fully free will. In other words, to stay still or run away. According to Huxley (2006), Liberalism was also restricted in England from where Brave New World is based which limited people 's actions and their actions were strictly controlled by the World State. It is stated that parliament voted against liberty, speeches about liberty were also prohibited. The liberty to be inefficient and miserable was also prohibited. Individuals are conditioned by society. Free will consists in there being no external impediments to an agent doing what he pleases. The liberty or the freedom is the absence
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