Philosophy Paper on Morality and Polygamy

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Morality and Polygamy
There are many people opposed to the concept of polygamous marriages. Polygamy is legal in some countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, but illegal in others, such as the United States of America. Many have personal, religious, and/or cultural reasons to disagree with such practices, but is the practice of polygamy morally wrong, or is it acceptable? Some argue that it is wrong because of the negative consequences caused by such marriages; yet ignore successful polygamous marriages altogether. I do not agree that all polygamous marriages have negative consequences. I argue that the practice of consensual polygamy can be morally acceptable under these conditions; (1) All parties must be aware, in advance, of
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If this is the case, this tier receives the high score of one.
There are some who do not see why a woman would agree to enter a polygamous marriage and believe that “only fear of superior force could bring a woman to ‘agree’ to the injustice of a polygamous marriage” (Vogel, Ursula 243). Although some women would only agree to such a lifestyle through force, many others invite and prefer the idea of polygamy to monogamy. Some women believe that the shared responsibility takes the weight off a single spouse and distributes it equally. Other women enjoy the sisterhood of their sister wives and appreciate having the company of other women within their marriage. There can be many reasons why a person might prefer polygamy. So it is accurate to assume that some woman do choose polygamy willingly. The second tier is the general moral considerations. It consists of prima facie principles which are the obvious do’s and don’ts that most people have been raised with. For example, a person should tell the truth and not lie, be fair and not cheat, help and not hurt others, unless (in that specific situation) it must be overruled for a great reason. This tier is valued at zero to 100. In all cases, the higher the value, the higher the morality and its permissibility. In this tier, basic respect for individuals must be considered. There are many issues that can fall into this category such as inequality,
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