Philosophy: Questions on Descartes' Principles

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. (10 points available; you may justify/explain your answer)

____ In Meditation One, Descartes writes, "My reason tells me that as well as withholding assent from propositions that are obviously false, I should also withhold it from ones that are not completely certain and indubitable" (p. 1). Which of the following does this quotation express?

Principle of Universal Doubt
Principle of Indiscernibility
Archimedean Principle
Epistemic Principle
None of the above.

____ In Meditation One, Descartes ultimately dismisses the conclusion of the Dream Argument because: the fact that the senses sometimes deceive does not provide grounds for dismissing all sense-based beliefs. it involves a problem of circularity.

he can still be certain about mathematical truths.

there are no criteria for distinguishing dream states from waking states.

____ In Meditation Two, Descartes discovers his Archimedean Point. Which of the following sentences expresses his discovery? "I [am] certain that there is no certainty."

"...the proposition 'I am, I exist' is necessarily true whenever I assert or think it." "...I am nothing while I think that I am something."

"The mind is immaterial, while the body is material."

____ In Meditation Two, Descartes offers his Wax Analogy (p. 6), the purpose of which is to:

demonstrate the…
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