Phil's Life: A Narrative Fiction

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Phil had decided that nothing in his life was ever meant to be one of two things; the first being simple and the second being ordinary.
Dan had fallen asleep on his shoulder within twenty minutes of the film beginning. Phil was quietly thankful because at least that meant Dan would get some rest, this lack of sleep couldn’t be good for anything and it was beginning to show in the semi-permanent black lines under the other boy’s eyes or his constant look of daze. At first, Dan had just lain against his shoulder quietly, his chest rising and falling slowly as the hours fell away and Phil continued to watch the movie they had placed on mindlessly, six became seven and soon ticked over until eight and nine at night. The warm weight of Dan’s body …show more content…

Eventually, with a quiet huff, Phil settled for laying down and letting Dan lay, for the most part, on top of him. It wasn’t overly comfortable but at the same time, it was cosy, warm and right. That was when things grew odd again.
As he felt himself slowly beginning to drift off he felt the chill in the room rise and for a moment he held his breath, gnawing down into his bottom lip as he dared to open his eyes and was faced with the ever-growing swarm of blackened ghouls. He remained quietly calm as he felt his hands tighten around Dan’s frame.
“Please go away,” Phil, ever the polite young man, even when in the presence of possible monsters or aliens from another dimension, asked.
The things didn’t seem to comply but at the same time, none seemed to threaten either. They felt neither good nor evil, just… there. There was a saying about when you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you and Phil wasn’t sure if the same thing complied here. The faceless black shapes did seem to stare back at him in some way or another but he wasn’t sure if they understood. He sure as hell knew he …show more content…

Phil found himself groaning quietly, about to reach for the light on his phone and make them go, seeing as the creatures didn’t seem to fancy the light.
“What do you want?” He tried again and got a response, for the first time.
One of the blackened spectres lurches forward, sounding like the rush of the wind in the eye of a typhoon. It sent Dan’s teacup, which had been precariously placed at the end of his coffee table, flying and landing just in front of where Dan and Phil lay on the sofa. Through the shattered pieces of glass, he could see the tea leaves had formed a shape.
A skull.
Phil didn’t have to be an expert to know that was a bad sign and with that, the creatures were gone, as if sucked back into whatever abyss they had come from. Just gone. Phil tried his best not to turn pale as a sheet as he stared at the scene with quiet rebellion. Whatever these things were, if they were trying to scare him, they would have to try a little

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