Phish: It’s More Than a Concert Essay

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Phish: It’s More Than a Concert

Phish has inherited the legacy of the Grateful Dead. A responsibility that includes: playing a different set every night, constant jamming and experimenting. Phish is trailed across the country by adoring fans that think their heroes can do no wrong. What makes them so special is that their music winds together. It is full of freedom and happiness. Their lyrics are totally original; they have this weird way of looking at the world and when they express this in their songs it takes you to a whole different level of thinking.

Phish is one of the most amazing and unique bands that were ever founded. The music is a cross between bluegrass, folk and rock. The fans would pretty much do anything for …show more content…

This is when they created a new unique tune that has stuck with the band ever since. Their music seems to be addicting, once you start listening you can’t stop. “When we jam we feel as if there is a mutual energy between the fans and our band” (Trey Anastasio). This is the feeling that you get while at a concert, as Trey said the energy is unexplainable you feel totally alive!

Many diehard fans will come from across the country just hoping to see one show. Many fans don’t even have tickets and are hoping that they will get one when arriving to the show. Some fans will drive extensive hours, hitch-hike, and even ride bikes across states to be a part of the atmosphere at a Phish concert.

There is more to Phish than just the music. The atmosphere and community you feel while being at the show cant even be put into words. It seems as if everyone is very friendly and is willing to help each other out. Some of the most interesting people you will ever meet are in parking lots at Phish concerts. For example our car died at a concert

The music that Phish creates takes you to a whole different level. One might say that you might need to be on drugs to go to a Phish concert. This is completely untrue. The music is all about freedom and happiness, this is what brings you to another level. “Music is the realist thing in the world to me, it’s realer than anything, and anyone who has been their can feel it” (Trey Anastasio). The sense of community, music

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