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Photography Photography is all around us, yet many people seem to think of photography as just a hobby. While that may be true for some people, many people have found a way to use photography as their main job. National Geographic photographers are an excellent example of photographers making a difference as well as being successful. They have photographers that travel all over the world and can be paid thousands for just one photo. The photos that are taken are capable of changing perspectives and making a change. Some of the most successful photographs are the ones that can make a difference. Photos deliver a new perspective on history, like the Lunch Atop a Skyscraper photo. It is an iconic photo taken during the construction of the 30 Rockefeller Building. It shows the perspective of the men working on the tower, and how desensitized they were to the height. There is also another photo, taken in Iwo Jima during a time of triumph for America. It provides a new perspective depicting the soldiers during WWII. Finally, this photo, called Earthrise for obvious reasons. It was taken in 1968, the first picture taken from space of earth. It offered a completely new perspective of earth for people on Earth to think about. Photography is an excellent way to show a new perspective on everyday life. …show more content…

There are many famous photographers and each one of them has their own style. They use their photos to make a difference, like Lewis W. Hine. He used photography to help bring an end child labor. Lewis Hine was hired by the National Child Labor Committee “to travel around the country photographing child workers in factories, mills, mines, and canneries” (Davis par. 6). The photos he took of the children helped to bring attention to the awful conditions they were forced to work in. His photos eventually helped bring an end to child labor. Another great example of a photographer making a change would be Ansel Adams. “Adams was an unremitting activist for the cause of wilderness and the environment” (Turnage par.16). He used his photography to enlighten people and help save the environment. Adams is one of the most famous photographers to ever live, and his photos are amazing. Famous photographers all over the world have the power to use their photos to change the

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