Physical And Mental Health Implications Of Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

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As drugs have been abused for hundreds of years all over the world, their effects have been felt for just as long. Since drugs have been used, there were always those who abused them, which led to full-blown addiction and the bevy of side effects that come with it. As the physical and mental health implications of addiction became clearer, rehabilitation efforts began to appear. As a result, the history of rehabilitation in the United States dates back hundreds of years. Today, thousands of drug abuse rehabilitation programs offer addicts a variety of treatment approaches, ranging from traditional, evidenced-based care to more experimental or holistic services. Since care should be customized according to the individual patient, oftentimes …show more content…

Among people who are age 65 years or older, 90% take at least 1 drug per week, more than 40% take at least 5 different drugs per week, and 12% take 10 or more drugs per week.
Women typically take more drugs than men. Older people who are frail, hospitalized, or in a nursing home take the most drugs. Nursing home residents are prescribed an average of 7 to 8 different drugs to take on a regular basis. Because of these age-related changes, many drugs tend to stay in an older person’s body much longer, prolonging the drug’s effect and increasing the risk of side effects. Therefore, older people often need to take smaller doses of certain drugs or perhaps fewer daily doses. For example, digoxin, a drug sometimes used to treat certain heart disorders, dissolves in water and is eliminated by the kidneys.
Due to the widespread use of drugs such as cocaine, "angel dust," marijuana, LSD, heroin and numerous other substances, the demand for illicit drugs has increased. Unfortunately, there are ready drug suppliers who have responded to this increased demand. The importation of illicit drugs in the United-States runs a close second to the importation of petroleum. The Federal
Government and business community are increasingly recognizing the negative consequences of substance abuse on the U.S. economy and the Nation’s workforce. Abuse of drugs and alcohol is costly for our society and, left untreated, places a

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