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To accomplish the second goal of returning my physical balance and rehab may take me really testing my character, challenging my age and re-learning who I am physically and instead focusing more on who I want to be in the future. I was once built like a bull and now I am as weak as I was at ten years old. I fear that if I do not get this goal right it can have fatal consequences for everything I am trying to accomplish. Attitude will determine everything for me in pursuing this personal and professional goal. I have two strengths that I can bring to an organization that can dramatically change the landscape of the business or help increase profits rapidly. The first strength I bring to an organization is my ability to coach and train my employees/team with an open and honest review system. By regularly performing reviews and delivering …show more content…

This seems to be very difficult for employees, vendors, and others in our business. A smart goal I would like to further develop is to listen more patiently. I will keep a journal reflecting every meeting I have with my team and documenting how I did in listening more patiently. Each meeting will be graded A-F just like school grades. These grades will reflect how patiently I have acted in my transactions. I must achieve a grade of B or higher (80%). Once accomplished I will become a more competent leader. Will complete this enrichment in a six-month period no longer. My second S.M.A.R.T. goal is to get employees more comfortable with candor. I will create mandatory candor training so that it becomes second nature to all of us in the organization. Everyone in the company must learn to take candor about them and deliver candor in the first 90 days. Each person will receive peer reviews and a peer review of seven or better is

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