Smart Goals Analysis

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The SMART goals that I have created will all play a huge part in my success with my leadership development. My long-term SMART goals of securing a Director level position, leading an organization committee, and developing three employees into leadership positions will not only challenge me to continue to learn but will also allow for my professional growth. Taking the opportunity to develop employees is very important to my professional growth because it allows for me to not only play a vital role in another persons career but requires that I stay current and knowledgeable on my leadership skills. By developing these employees it will help keep me accountable to the leadership principles that I work by. The capstone of my professional growth will be advancement in my career. Career advancement is my reinforcer that what I am doing, I am doing well. Although this…show more content…
Professional growth will quickly come from these two because these goals are more immediate. While working on the completion of my Master’s I am actively studying and researching aspects of leadership and management and therefore this information is at the forefront on my mind. I have the ability to learn new theories and techniques and automatically apply them to my work. This alone will naturally allow me to grow professionally. The growth that will come from creating and setting healthy boundaries with my work/life balance is that not only will I see a personal improvement, my employees are also able to see that good boundaries allow for better work product. Taking the needed time to set away from the office and focus on family and personal life is extremely important to the overall health of the organization and will help alleviate the feeling of burn
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