Physical Redemption Research Paper

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God’s redemption plan in the Old Testament foreshadows His redemption plan in the New Testament. The physical redemption of the Hebrews is that of the spiritual redemption Christians experience through Jesus Christ. Everything in the Old Testament Tabernacle points the Israelites to Jesus Christ, which follows the Order of Melchizedek. These components of revelation inform understanding of God’s progressive revelation of redemption and have an important impact on individual faith. The physical redemption of the Hebrews from Egypt by Moses and the spiritual redemption that Christians experience through Jesus Christ are relevant and apparent in God’s Word. God redeems the Hebrews and leads them out of Egypt; thus, for the Church, this means…show more content…
God gave instruction on how to build the tabernacle to Moses first, which gave the commands to the Israelites. He told Moses, “…make a sanctuary, and I will dwell among them.” (Exodus 25:8). Seven pieces of furniture sit in the Tabernacle. Each piece of furniture symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ in this way:
1. The Braze Altar serves as the altar of sacrifice. The altar symbolizes Jesus Christ being slaughtered for the sin of mankind. Also, the altar stands raised on a mound a little higher than the adjoining furniture. This is a prophecy of Christ, who the world lifts up on the cross that stood on Golgotha.
2. The Basin for Washing is a large bowl filled with water for washing and is a reminder that people need cleansing before approaching God. It represents forgiveness through Christ’s work on the cross, and being washed through His Word (Eph. 5:25-27).
3. The Table of Showbread holds 12 loaves of bread that represent the 12 tribes of Israel. At the last Supper with His disciples, Jesus describes Himself as the Bread of Life (Matthew
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Jesus Christ is both priest and King in the Order of Melchizedek. As He rules in the spiritual realm, He ministers to man in order to bring them into unification with God. This is the key to understanding what happens in the end, the day of reconciliation between the Church and Israel. On the contrary, Dispensationalism splits Israel from the Church, and does not depict the accurate future Jesus Christ is to establish. Ezekiel demonstrates the Messiah's dual authority in the Order of Melchizedek when He says the two sticks join and become one. This is a prophesy of Jesus Christ returning with both sticks as He joins Israel and the Church, and they become one in His hand. At this time, the world will finally see Jesus Christ as the single, most significant, sacrifice and that the Lamb who is now the King. What God reveals to humanity, is not given all at once. He progressively reveals Himself and His strategy of redemption. The Scriptures affirm to God's progressive revelation of Himself in the fact that He does not fully reveal His truths from the beginning. However, all He reveals to the world is always true. Each Scripture builds on the previous one, revealing a little of God’s mystery at a time (Rom. 16:24). Theses factors of revelation inform understanding of God’s progressive revelation of redemption as
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