Physical Space In America

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The society that we live in defines what is believed to be the “correct” way to view physical space between those around us. In particular, America has specific contexts demonstrating how much space should be occupied between two people. A large space generally occurs between two strangers because in societal terms the lack of space between others indicates how much trust we exhibit with the other person. Similarly, a small space occurs between a friend or significant other and indicates the comfort he or she feels with each other. Furthermore, gender roles, which our society has created, dictate these rules and provide a basis of how we are to act. For example, women are expected to stand very close to each other because they are considered to be emotional beings that provide affection towards one another. Whereas, men are considered unemotional and therefore are expected to not prefer to be in contact with each other. In the reading, “Encounters …show more content…

Personally, I love to base people and in contact improvisation, I can base anyone that I please. If contact improvisation were to follow societal rules, women would only be allowed to fly and men would always have to base. Fortunately, this form never questions what is coming or what is supposed to be; it is whatever we make of it. In my opinion this is what makes it successful. We, as the people who engage in this art form, are fortunate to move as uncharacteristically as possible. Sharing in weight, we trust those who we may not know and engage in movements that appeal to our emotions, our mind, our thoughts, and our ideas. As I’ve said before every day in contact improvisation is a journey; some days it is good, other days it is bad. But what makes it great is it is my journey, not the society’s journey. I do not have to abide by any rules, and I can just be myself. I find that I am very lucky to be able to do

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