Physician Assisted Suicide Is A Controversial Topic

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One may have heard of suicide, but not physician-assisted suicide. The two are very different in terms of the act of taking one’s own life. For instance, physician-assisted suicide is done with help from another person, usually a physician; where the doctor is willing to assist with either the means of how to take one’s own life or the actual act itself. This can either be by prescribing lethal doses of drugs to these patients who want to take their own life or by counseling these patients on what drugs they should take. Essentially, it is giving a painless death to someone who is suffering from an incurable illness (MedicineNet Inc. 2015).
Physician-assisted suicide is a very controversial topic. Many people feel very strongly about letting people have free will and others feel very strongly about showing these people compassion instead of the help of ending their life (Cable News Network (CNN) 2015). Currently the United States has three states that legalized physician assisted suicide. These three states include Oregon, Washington, and Vermont (Cable News Network (CNN) 2015). All three of these states allow a competent adult who has a terminal illness to choose to end their life with the help of a physician (Death with Dignirty National Center 2015). The people who qualify for this must have at least six months or less to live (Cable News Network (CNN) 2015).
Oregon first legalized physician assisted suicide in nineteen ninety-four and it became into effect in

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