Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Morally Permissible

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Physician assisted suicide should be morally permissible. Patients who are in constant suffering and pain have the right to end their misery at their own discretion. This paper will explore my thesis, open the floor to counter arguments, explain my objections to the counter arguments, and finally end with my conclusion. I agree with Brock when he states that the two ethical values, self-determination and individual well-being, are the focal points for the argument of the ethical permissibility of voluntary active euthanasia (or physician assisted suicide). These two values are what drives the acceptability of physician assisted suicide because it is the patients who choose their treatment options and how they want to be medically treated. Patients are physically and emotionally aware when they are dying and in severe pain, therefore they can make the decision to end the suffering through the option of physician assisted suicide.
The main points to argue in favor of physician assisted suicide are: the alleviation of the patients’ pain, the fact that active euthanasia is consented from the patients and it is their personal choice, the patients can die with dignity, the predetermined death will lessen healthcare costs for the family, and the physician is able to move on and help other patients in need.
Since physician assisted suicide is such a controversial topic, there are a lot of counter arguments. The different points to discuss are: active euthanasia violates the doctor’s

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