Physician-Nurse Communication Case Study

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Thank you Christine for your thoughtful post. I was struck by your reference from Crawford, Omery and Seagopg (2010). I am appreciating the need for effective communication in healthcare now that I am a part of a family utilizing acute care and rehabilitation services. Our biggest frustration has been lack of communication among care providers, nevertheless the family members. Croford, Omery and Seagopg (2010) focused their attention on the physician – nurse communication which resulted in friction and dysfunctional interdisciplinary relationships. Laidsaar-Powell (2012) looked at physician- patient-companion communication as related to decision making. The meta-analysis identified conversation with physician-patient-companion were difficult and helpful. The companion or family member was useful for logistical support and relaying information. “Studies also reveal that companion involvement can lead to positive outcomes” (Laidsaar-Powell, 2012, p. 10). The authors concluded, more evaluation of strategies to improve communication skills training. The concept of the macrosystem depends on the quality of the network of Microsystems, seem to fit in your example (Nelson, et. al, 2002). Effective communication must occur at the micro system in order for the macro system to be effective. …show more content…

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