Piaget 's Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Discuss Piaget’s theory of cognitive development
Piaget’s theory of cognitive development (Cardwell, 2009) divides the way children learn and develop their thinking into four groups, referred to as stages. The first stage occurs around 0-2 years and is called the sensorimotor stage in which children explore the world and objects around them through their reflexes. The second stage of development according to Piaget is called the pre-operational stage. In this stage, children between 2-6 years learn how to use a language to communicate; however, understanding of approach is general. They only know the world from their own aspect. The third stage of cognitive development is referred to as the concrete operational stage. Children use …show more content…

Piaget referred to a child as a scientist and proposed that cognitive skills expand through two processes called assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation includes using already known schema to handle a new thing or situation. On the other hand, accommodation happens when existing schema does not work and needs to be changed. In spite of this, when child is faced with new object or situation they cannot assimilate they reached phase called disequilibrium.
Piaget supported his theory in a study called Conservation of Numbers (reference), where he compared children of different ages. All of them have been given 2 parallel lines of tokens and asked if they had the same amount of tokens. He then stretched the tokens (not taking any of or putting any on) while children watched him and asked again, if the 2 rows still had the same amount of tokens. The pre-operational stage children thought there was more tokens because the row was longer. Whereas, children in the concrete operational state can maintain the quality of matter and say that the lines of tokens are same
In conclusion, (Cherry, 2015) Piaget’s theory of cognitive development had a great effect on education. Although, Piaget did not really put his theory in application like this, great deal of educational providers build their teaching programmes upon beliefs, that each child should be thought on the level which they are developmentally ready.
Piaget has been criticised

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