Piaget’S Theory Of Cognitive Development Is A Theory Built

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Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development is a theory built upon stages in the development of children. Each stage in this theory pertains to specific age ranges, and involves cognitive achievements and limitations distinct to that age. The theory attempts to depict how children understand the world throughout their development. Though the theory follows an age range with certain the theory itself should not always be seen as concrete (Bibace, 2013). Piaget’s theory of cognitive development can be used in classrooms around the world to have an underlying understanding of a child’s development based on their age. Piaget’s theory can also be used to help identify developmental delay in children compared to their peers at similar ages…show more content…
For example, in observation one afternoon a student hid an item behind his back from Keller. Keller proceeded to run behind the students back to retrieve the item. In Piaget’s second stage, from age two to age six, the child is said to be in the preoperational stage. A major achievement happening within this stage is the development of symbolic functioning. Children continue to learn in this stage through pretend play (Barrouillet, 2015). In the preoperational stage the presence of egocentrism continues to exist. An identification mark of this stage is the child’s inability to understand consistency. This misunderstanding of consistency involves the inability to understand that a mass or volume of an item can remain the same even when the form or placement of the item has changed (Beins, 2016). Examples of the preoperational stage-taking place can be seen in the orange room through various activities. Children in the orange room are prime examples of the emerging skills that come out of the preoperational stage. For example Keller often engages in dramatic imaginative play while incorporating many different items as symbols within the play. In one case Keller used a protractor to act as a steering wheel for a plane. Using this item as a symbol for something else shows Keller’s continued growth within this stage. There has not yet been direct observation of his understanding of consistency. The third of Piaget’s stages is the concrete
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