Pinterest Boards And Youtube Videos That Deliver Makeup

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Pinterest boards and YouTube videos that deliver makeup tutorials flood social media. Television shows that chronicle cupcake shops and DIY home improvement flourish. As these feminized forms of media thrive in the pop culture of our early twenty-first century, contemporary gender scholars take up the task of analyzing the social, economic, and cultural meaning they create.
Does fashion blogging reify certain norms of femininity, or challenge them? What does the act of selling cupcakes have to do with gender? What does the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey say about women’s desires? How do these cultural forms tell us anything about gender at all, and why are they deserving of our attention?
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15). By foregrounding the complexity of gender in a postfeminist culture increasingly opposed to gender-specific analysis, Levine reminds us that these projects of feminist media analysis are as important in the twenty-first century as they were during the early days of feminist studies.
The book chapters are organized into three different thematic sections: “Passions,” “Bodies,” and “Labors.” “Passions” examines how feminized media shapes and is shaped by feminine desire, and how culture understands that desire as excessive, subversive, or otherwise meaningful. Authors Melissa A. Click, Kristen J. Warner, Jillian Báez, and Erin A. Myers tackle everything from television to literature to gossip blogs, analyzing the affective potential of such media on both an individual and societal level. “Bodies” explores how an understanding of feminized media is in part governed by a gendered understanding of the body, as well as how individuals use feminized forms of media in order to push and redefine the boundaries of the “feminine.” Authors Barbara L. Ley, Kyra Hunting, Michele White, and Beretta Smith-Shomade examine pregnancy apps, fashion, nail polish, and embodied spirituality, analyzing the twenty-first century understanding of the feminine body

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