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In Chapter 5, the convict who Pip has given food and liquor to in the morning fails to escape from the marshes. Here, I am surprised by the fact that while the man has the chance to run away and regain freedom, he chooses to stay and hand the other runaway convict to the soldiers. While Pip first tells the man about his encounter with the other convict, the man becomes really excited, making me thought at first that maybe the two men are friends in the Hulks. Thus, I am rather shocked to see the man giving up his freedom just to make sure the other convict gets sent back to the jail. This action of the man reflects the extreme discord and animosity between the two convicts. Although not mentioned by the author, I wonder what kind of discord can stimulate such degree of hatred within the man that he is willing to rot in the Hulks together with the other convict instead of running away (my question). …show more content…

Here, seeing Pip along with the soldiers, the man must have suspected that it was Pip who led people to him. Therefore, while first reading this line, I interpreted this as a look of disbelief, disappointment, and even anger of

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