Piscar Alternate Ending

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The moon looked over a large, wooden house. It was one of the nicer houses in Piscar with a cobblestone path leading to the front gate and a enchanting garden off to the side. A stable was to the left of the house holding horses and cows. A small lamb nestled into her mother's warm, snow white coat. The house was two stories and built of wood. A set of wooden rocking chairs sat on the porch with a few stairs leading up to it from the path. A three foot gate circled the small bit of land. A few fallen leaves could be heard rolling along the road, dancing in the gentle wind. Through the small window on the door, a woman prepared to leave. "Ok I think that is everything" the woman muttered to herself. She had honey colored hair with dull violet …show more content…

I am done sitting in a mess of papers that the government claims to need for stupid crap,” Terra said. “Sadly father will not be back until after the Harvest Festival and the old bat is doubtfully going to be back until the day before he returns,” Shisa groaned. “No matter we took care of it last year I am sure we can do the same this year,” Nisela said, trying to stay positive. Shia laughed, “Yes as long as that stupid king keeps his ever growing list of pointless laws to a minimum. I swear. Every other thing that comes out of that capital is a new ridiculous law,” “Don’t let the officials hear you say that. They would be pant pissing furious,” Terra laughed. “And don’t let them hear you speak like that. They’ll you’ve been turned into a demon follower by me,” laughed Shisa. “God you two make the worst situation seem like a minor mosquito bite,” Nisela rolled her eyes. “They are mosquitos. Small, insignificant, annoying, insect that bite you for no good reason and leave you dealing with a rather itchy and slightly troublesome bie,” Terra laughed at Shisa’s comparison. “The sun is rising we need to leave soon,” Terra said. Her sisters nodded and continued to get ready to

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