Plan Change Process Of The Affordable Care Act

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Plan Change Process of the Affordable Care Act Introduction The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) from being introduced in 2010 has not been well received by the public. Two main consequences are economic issues, and many states rejecting the act. Economic issues are relevant because it is assumed that insurance premiums are increased, rising cost increases during a recession, mandated benefits and other costs will be passed on to consumers and billions of dollars will be taken from seniors Medicare benefits. In addition, a requirement of the act is that insurance companies spend at least 50-80 percent of premium dollars on medical care, which will lead to less consumer choice and higher prices. Many states are choosing to reject the act…show more content…
For the first stage of relationship building, I would observe and introduce myself to others who are concerned about the topic, establish rapport, and create a feeling of trust. I would also establish confidentiality as well as understand past efforts. This stage is about exploring the needs of clients. I will continuously envision the change process; how it will influence the individuals involved. An example of this stage would be to introduce myself to influential people within the community and get to know them on a personal level. I would also observe the feelings and actions of individuals who have differing opinions on the Affordable Care Act. Clarifying expectations is an important stage because it is crucial when working with individuals who have conflicting opinions, such as the Affordable Care Act. This stage will involve letting the clients know what things will be like after change is implemented. An example of this would be communicating to the clients how their lives would be on an economical level if they would choose to accept rather than reject the Affordable Care Act. Assessing barriers would be the next step in the planned change process. In order to accomplish this, language, transportation, culture differences, and the political climate would need to be assessed. For example, I would need to research to understand the
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