Planned Parenthood : A Controversial Topic Sweeping The Nation Of America With Political And Moral Issues

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Planned Parenthood is a controversial topic sweeping the nation of America with political and moral issues. Every day one could come across a new article on it, stubble upon a news article in their local paper or even on their local news station. Planned Parenthood directly provides reproductive health services, is involved in teach young students about sexual education, contributes to research in reproductive technology, and interacts with legal and political efforts aimed at protecting and developing reproductive rights.
Governmental funding is an enormous piece of the puzzle sparking mass debates and becoming a part of the center piece into the topic itself. The program has also been under suspicion of selling aborted babies and their body parts in the black market to make a profit, which in turn breaks many federal abortion laws and would immediately cause a cease to Planned Parenthoods future and present operations. In Texas (Texas being the first state in America to cancel Medicaid funding), Governor Abbot recently informed Planned Parenthood that the state is cutting off the organization from the state’s Medicaid program stated by Andy Sullivan in the article “Texas Tries To Stitch a Safety Net without Planned Parenthood”, as recently released undercover videos show evidence of violations. Another huge thing they have been under fire for is whether or not they are making a profit off of abortions, if they are making a profit off of abortions the government strongly

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