Plants Need Light For Plants

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Plants need light as one of the primary factors to germinate, grow and bloom. The two primary sources of the light for the plants is the sun and the artificial methods. The technology of plants growth requires regulation of light for the best results in plants ' outputs. The light from the sun is hard to control since it is natural and can only be used during the day. So the indoor grow light systems are the current technologies used for growing plants with artificial light throughout the day and night, especially in hydroponic farming.

The indoor grow light systems technology is useful in the following ways:

o Provides enough light for the plants (light intensity). Indoor plants require bright light which if not provided the plants would grow tall and leggy. It is possible to control the light intensity through regulation of the wattage and the distance of the light bulb to the plants ' foliage with systems technology.

o Provides the best light color the plants need. The plants require a complete spectrum of light for them to germinate, grow and flower.

o Provides the lights to the plants for the right duration of time. Since most plants require 14 to 18 hours of continuous light exposure, and a rest period of about 8 hours, the grow systems technology helps in regulating the time the plants are under the light exposure.

This article will review the following grow light system:

Galaxyhydro LED Grow plant light 300W Greenhouse Indoor Hydroponic Grow Lighting 9 B

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