Plastic Makes Perfect?

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Americans are not strangers to warning labels. They are ubiquitous, darning foods, plastics, medicines, drinks, and much more. Their purpose is to warn consumers about potential health risk that come with a certain product. Most warning labels only focus on one area of health, physical. Health, however is much more; it is mental, emotional, social, and spiritual as well. Why are there no warning labels for these areas of health? For instance, why are there no warning labels across the boxes of those so called perfect blonde Barbies? Barbie Dolls threaten young girls’ mental, emotional, and social health in major ways. There should be warning labels on Barbie Dolls because they set ridiculous standards, reinforce the ideas of racism, and destroy the self-esteem of girls everywhere. Girls are worrying about their appearances earlier in life than ever before. They strive for perfection, which no one can attain, well, except for Barbie. Have you ever seen a woman who has the same body as Barbie? Probably not, considering she would have to crawl just to support her freakish proportions. There is a 1 out of 4.3 billion chance of a woman just having the same long, lean neck as Barbie. Sadly, society is teaching our daughters that this is not only acceptable but ideal. Never the less, it can be a bit pricy looking like Barbie with the medical bills fighting malnutrition and the plastic surgery prices, to say the least. If Barbie was life sized, she would be 7 feet tall standing

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